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Please click   here   to check out this month's
Featured Genealogy Resource. It is the web site of Leah Klocek. 
Leah designed the contents and presentation materials 
of DACGS's class in Beginning Genealogy which was presented in late January, 2020. 

Also, check out the new links to the Books We Own1940 Federal Census Templates,

the North Carolina Land Grant Images and Data, and the Parliaments of Scotland

WikiTree Biography Format  Revision 3, 8 Jul 2017 (Submitted by Ronald McDonald)
Spanish Paleography Tool - an online interactive resource for deciphering and reading Spanish manuscripts from the late 15th to 18th century ["How to Use the Paleography Tool"] (Suggested by Marcy Hundley on the DACGS Facebook Group)
Overview of North Carolina Census Records, 1787 - 1920 (North Carolina Archives Information Circular Num 2)
Jim's List of Genealogical Tools & Resources (Submitted by Jim McKinney)
Family Tree in Spanish - Male (Credit "Discovering Your Mexican Genealogy", Submitted by Marcy Hundley)
Family Tree in Spanish - Female (Credit Digging Up Deep Roots, Submitted by Marcy Hundley)
Selected Resources for NM, AZ and MEX (Source: PBS' "Genealogy Roadshow")
Amy Crow Johnson's Genealogy Blog (Genealogy Blog to which you can, but need not, subscribe for free)
Personal History Questions and Resources (Submitted by Eva Nevarez St John and Karen Ray)
Finding Women's Stories (Ancestry.com)
Genealogical Will Codicil - something every family genealogist should consider adding to their will (Credit Twisted Twigs on Gnarled Branches Genealogy and special thanks to member Marcy Hundley)

Genealogist's Cheatsheet - You've found and collected loads of research data; make it more valuable with this organizational system (thehistorium.com)

Jeannie's List - List of Free, Downloadable Genealogical/Historical Books. Most are searchable; those that aren't are highlighted in YELLOW. While the list is Pennsylvania heavy, it does include entries on New England, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. (Adapted by Jeannie Kowalik)

German Alphabet ChartBefore the 1940s, most records in German-speaking areas (as well as surname books, newspapers, journals and gazetteers) used a Gothic font called Fraktur. Family Tree Magazine compiled this chart to aid in "decoding" German publications and manuscripts. (Submitted by Carl Hundley)

Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors, a Research Guide by ancestry.com (Submitted by Carl Hundley)

1940 Federal Census Templates from CensusTools. (Suggested by Dorothy Wray)

                  MS Excel Version (Download)            PDF Version

Books We Own is a list of resources owned by individuals who are willing to look up genealogical information for others. (FREE Service) [Submitted by Carl Hundley]

Cemetery Log (Thanks to Karen Pineau)

  Valuable Websites (DACGS Member Recommended)

Calculator.net  (Submitted by Doug Wilke) - Free to use, this web site provides many different calculators.  Of most interest to genealogists will be the Age calculator which effortlessly calculates the number of days between two dates.
Archive.org  (Submitted by Trica Willey Hazelton) - Free non-profit library with millions of Surname Books, County Histories, Probate Abstracts, Genealogies, etc.

FamilySearch.org  (Submitted by Leo Clear) - Always growing, always expanding.
North Carolina eBooks  (Submitted by Carl Hundley) - 1000's of books written on NC from its first charter in 1629 to the present day. All books shown are considered in the Public Domain and no longer under copyright protection.
jstor.org  (Submitted by James Hazelton) - Offers articles from Historical Journals at very reasonable prices, generally under $2.
accessgenealogy.com  (Submitted by Karen Pineau) - a free genealogy resource including US genealogy by state, black genealogy, cemetery records, census records, DNA and more.
davidrumsey.com  (Submitted by Georgie McDougle) - An historical map collection with over 75,000 maps and images online.
A Trio from Keith Burke
   * Find A Grave  Search for cemeteries and people.
   * GEDMatch  Provides DNA and genealogical analysis tools for amateur and professional researchers and genealogists.
   * WikiTree  A free data base for validated information.
Fold3  (Submitted by Karen Pineau) Discovery your family's military past.
jewishgen.org  Home of Jewish Genealogy (Submitted by Frankie Lerner)
Nu? What's Nu?  Aids for Jewish Genealogy Research (Submitted by Frankie Lerner)
relativefinder.org  Find your "famous" ancestors in FamilySearch (Suggested by Karen Taylor and Marcy Hundley) [Click   HERE   for instructions on "How to Join DACGS Group"]
• fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html  Search over 39,328,000 Historical Newspaper Pages from the USA & Canada, a free and extensive collection of mostly New York newspapers. (Submitted by Trica Willey Hazelton)
Las Cruces Family History Center  (Suggested by Keith Burke)
Google Historical Newspaper Archive  (Suggested by Keith Burke and Carl Hundley)
recordseek.com  Record a website as a source with virtually no effort (Suggested by Karen Taylor)
Library of Congress Sanborn Maps Collection - The Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Online Checklist provides a searchable database of the fire insurance maps published by the Sanborn Map Company housed in the collections of the Geography and Map Division. (Suggested by Vicki Simpkins and Karen Pineau)

Genealogy Inc.  (Commercial with much free material) website has tons of historical information sorted by state and county. Helpful information includes birth and death records, censuses, and other important ancestor records. Link is page for New Mexico. (Suggested by Sharon Rooney)

North Carolina Land Grant Images and Data. Free--Searchable data for 216,000 NC Land Grants for the period 1663 - 1960. Also includes 10,000 NC grants in what is now Tennessee. Images of all 205 existing Land Patent Books with complete metes and bounds for the patents. (Suggested by Carl Hundley)

Records of the Parliaments of Scotland (RPS) to 1707. Provides both original manuscript texts and modern translations. RPS is supplemented with user tools and learning resources accessible from its menu. In addition, a Short History of the Scottish parliament is provided for those unfamiliar with the background of the pre-1707 institution, while a more in-depth Historical Introduction traces the origins and evolution of parliament over its 500-year history.

• Karen's List - Free Genealogy Websites (Suggested by Karen Pineau)

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 Genealogy Podcasts   and   More! 

Genealogy Guys - George G. Morgan and Drew Smith have been podcasting about genealogy since September 2005, when they launched The Genealogy Guys Podcast.  Each episode includes the latest news from genealogical companies and organizations, listener email, and other content, such as book reviews and brief interviews. George and Drew delve into all kinds of topics that would interest every genealogist, from the beginner to the expert.  In June 2016, the Guys added Genealogy Connection, an all-interview podcast. Drew connects the listener to some of the biggest names in the genealogical community, including researchers, writers, speakers, educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, librarians, and archivists. At the end of each interview, the interviewee recommends to the listener a book, a technology tool, and a methodological tip. 

 Geneatopia - "Geneology News" from Geneatopia keeps you up to date in the world of genealogy. Each episode will bring you the latest news from the blogosphere, press releases, and upcoming events. It is hosted by Patty Roy who has been researching her family for over 15 years.

 The Genealogy Gems Podcast - The Genealogy Gems Podcast helps you make the most of your family history research time by providing quick and easy-to-use research techniques. Producer and host Lisa Louise Cooke brings you the best websites, best practices, and best resources available. This podcast is 100% free! Just click an episode on the website to start listening right now.

 Ancestral Findings Podcast Welcome to the Genealogy Gold Podcast. In this weekly podcast, you’ll enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the adventure, and the excitement of researching your ancestors. You’ll never know just how much you will love genealogy until you try it.

 Family History:  Genealogy Made Easy Podcast - Welcome to the Family History: Genealogy Made Easy Podcast, a step-by-step series for beginning genealogists—and more experienced ones who want to brush up or learn something new. Lisa Louise Cooke first ran this series in 2008. So many people have asked about it, she's bringing it back in weekly segments.

 Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems on her YouTube Channel - Welcome to the YouTube Channel for Lisa Louise Cook's Genealogy Gems, a large number of videos which she has produced and made available for free on YouTube.  The range of these videos is from a level for beginning genealogists, as well as the more experienced ones who want to brush up or learn something new.

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  Genealogy Educational Materials

 BYU Family History Library - A wide variety of free classes and webinars produced by the Brigham Young University staff and made available from this web page.

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